The definition of a book takes us far beyond that found in a dictionary. As I see it, it was never certain that the pages of a book were sewn or glued together along one side and bound between two covers. Such definitions are even challenged by the ancient scroll. Despite the trend towards book transformations and the recycling of old books to create art objects, the simple thought of which lets the writer in me shiver, I love and propagate the traditional book as well as its digital siblings.

Although writing and poetry performances may be great joys for both poet and audience, in non-native environments (open-mikes, festivals, guest readings) actually holding and reading the words of a poem on a page is another experience altogether. The tactile object gives one the opportunity to reread the words, to inhale more than just the melody of a foreign language, to catch what may have been acoustically indefinable, to delve into the depths of the writer's words and to see how they design the page.

Even a single written or printed page is a book of sorts. Many artists made their first books as children by folding, stapling and cutting whatever paper was available to them. We can distinguish among the chapbook, a paper covered pamphlet, paperback or hard covered book blocks bound in any number of styles and techniques, and beyond these boundaries we enter the realm of the artist book that can become just about anything at all.

Fiaker Haiku

2008 Artwork, Co-edited, Design, & Production

fiaker haiku (schule für dichtung (sfd*))

from the sfd workshop of gabriel rosenstock
isbn: 978-3-9502118-3-2

Haiku by: Gabriel Rosenstock, Ide Hinze (†), Jean Almeida
Camilio Antonio, Michael Buergermeister,
Candy Fresacher,Sandra Huber, Maitias Moulin,
Sylvia Petter, and Victoria Slavuski

Book Presentation: June 26 2008 Metropol Poetry Festival (Vienna)

Excerpt from “letter to gabriel”:

“... inspired by haiga, i have ventured an experimental approach to illustrating this book, based on photos taken during the workshop and one of my paintings, “gods of little things”. i hope to have captured the feeling of haiku in digital graphics...”

*sfd = vps (vienna poetry school)
sfd supports the use of lowercase type in all of its publications. More information under

Out Of The Aviary

2008 Design & Layout

Out of the Aviary (Labyrinth)

ISBN 978-3-902339-10-2

Poems: Karin Kaminker
Artwork: Anatoli Bourykine

Karin Kaminker co-founded Labyrinth (The Association of English-Language Poets in Vienna) and the poetry magazine subdream together with Peter Waugh in 1993. Labyrinth comprises a fluctuating group of poets living in Vienna and creating primarily in English within a foreign-language environment.

Karin has studied and performed with Allen Ginsberg, Anne Waldman, Ed Sanders, Ruth Weiss and Nick Cave, among others, and has given solo or group readings in Vienna, Geneva, Prague, the UK and USA. Her poetry has appeared in numerous books, magazines (e.g. in Vienna's Kunstfe-ler, in the jazz magazine Downbeat, in Geneva's Ex Tempore and GEM: The Geneva English-Language Magazine), on the Vienna Art Orchestra website and CD (Concertina M. music by Mathias Rüegg). Her lyrics can also be found on numerous other CDs (by J.Kirby Band, Swing Solicitors, Mark Lawrence band, a.o.)

Excerpt from the cover text:

“... Most of the poems in this collection benefit from being lifted off the page, supported with visuals, instruments or physical movement, declaimed or sung. Many of them have already been set to music, danced, interpreted in film and projections, performed on stage (some as multi-voice pieces, using various choral techniques) and/or recorded on CD.”

For Carlota Rokita

2007 Cover Art, Design, & Layout

for carlota rokita (labyrinth chapbooks)

a treasury of labyrinth poets

ISBN 3-902 339-12-8

Contributors: Peter Waugh, Suzanne Toth, Victoria Slavuski,
Ka Ruhdorfer, Felix Mendelson, Heidelinde Lindorfer,
Hillary Keel, Karin Kaminker, Nathan Horowitz, Evelyn Holloway,
Bob Hewis (†), Homade Gorden Banks, Maria Elena Blanko,
Tony H. Fisher, Mike Austin (†), and Jean Almeida

Book Presentation: Cafe Kafka

This labyrinth chapbook was created as a personal gift for Carlota on her 70th birthday. It was also a little thank you from the featured poets for her poetry, for fourteen years of service as treasurer of Labyrinth (Association of English-Language Poets in Vienna), for the productive collaborations of past years and in anticipation of those yet to come.

Kafka Spun Glass Ship

2006 Cover, Design & Layout

Spun Glass Ship (Penny Muse Press)

Book code: SGMR181209

Poems: Carlota Rokita
Paintings and Drawings: Vera Montana

Book Presentations:
June 10 2006 - Café Kafka
Capistrangasse 8, 1060 Vienna

October 17 2007 - Amerlinghaus
Musical accompaniment: Vera Montana and Paul Öller

Born in Virginia, Carlota Rokita has lived in Vienna since 1960 where she taught English for many years. She studied with Anne Waldman, Ed Sanders and Jerome Rothenberg. She has been a member of Labyrinth since 1995 and has participated in numerous performances. Her work has been published in Labyrinth chapbooks, the Wodstock Journal, subdream and Tinctur.

Excerpts from the preface by Ruud van Weerdenburg:
“... Who sings and who flies? They are one. ... “
“... One is able to enter this work of art through several gates.”